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May 24, 2023

In exploring how one author from Modernism employs literary elements and devices to communicate the theme of social justice or agency vs. structure, we delve into a nuanced analysis of storytelling techniques. Through careful examination, we uncover the intricate ways in which authors craft narratives to convey their intended themes.

One approach is to focus on a single literary element or device and dissect its usage throughout the story. For instance, in "In Another Country" by Hemingway, the plot structure plays a pivotal role in revealing the theme of social justice. The use of flashback, where the story begins, and the lack of resolution all contribute to the portrayal of the protagonist`s disillusionment with the world around him. By analyzing these elements, we can argue convincingly that Hemingway adeptly utilizes plot structure to underscore the theme of social injustice prevalent throughout the narrative.

Alternatively, we may choose to examine multiple literary elements and their collective impact on the theme. In "The Chrysanthemums" by Steinbeck, elements of setting, characterization, and symbolism intertwine to convey the protagonist`s struggle for agency in a patriarchal society. Through vivid descriptions of the rugged landscape and the confinement of the protagonist`s domestic sphere, Steinbeck paints a poignant picture of societal constraints. Additionally, the characterization of Elisa as a dynamic yet ultimately thwarted figure, coupled with the symbolism of the chrysanthemums, further reinforces the theme of agency vs. structure. By analyzing these elements in tandem, we can construct a compelling argument about Steinbeck`s masterful use of literary devices to illuminate the overarching theme.

Ultimately, whether focusing on a single literary element or multiple elements in concert, our analysis aims to demonstrate the author`s deliberate craftsmanship in conveying themes of social justice or agency vs. structure. Through close examination of the text and astute textual evidence, we can construct a persuasive argument that elucidates the profound impact of literary elements and devices on the communication of complex themes in Modernist literature.

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