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Jun 06, 2023
Purpose of the Discussion
In this discussion forum you will explore the motivations of different European settlers as well as how they described the New World.
Some of you saw you had access to this discussion board last week. That was in error. As you read Winthrop, feel free to go back and edit your work. If you have already written responses, feel free to edit those as needed this weekend.
We have read three authors(Columbus, Smith, and Winthrop) who recorded their thoughts about the settlement of the New World. Columbus details the riches of Hispaniola, Smith records a narrative detailing his captivity, and Winthrop delivers a sermon to the Puritan faithful. Having read these readings, which author do you believe does a better job of inspiring future settlers to come to the new world? Are you more attracted by Columbus’s descriptions, Smith’s experiences, or by Winthrop’s principles? Using evidence from each text, discuss your reasoning in your initial post.
As this is the first discussion board posting for the semester, please realize a few points about discussion board etiquette:
Always use constructive language. This is an employability skill that will also serve you well in life. Speak to others as you would wish they spoke to you and always consider how your words will sound to others. As instructor, I hold the right to remove any words that I find to be negative towards another, and you will either have to repost or receive a negative impact on your grade.
Have fun – considering that this is an online class, this is one of our best means of thoughtful interaction, and I really want to see what you have said!
Grading Criteria
Initial posts receive 50 points if they answer the prompt, utilize evidence from the week’s materials, and are sufficiently developed.


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this assignment or need anything from my end, make sure I DON’T GET BAD GRADES.

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