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Oct 05, 2023

Assignment Question

Pick a video from the following list to analyze using any one of the following concepts from the course: “Control” (alien sex parasite content warning) Once you pick a video, write a post that is 250 words and that contains these parts: a*A concept from the course with a definition and the page number of where you found it in Asma. Here I want you to pick one of the four concepts listed above (1* the inhuman, 2*the unmanageable, 3*the unthinkable, or 4*liminality) that you think might be useful when talking about your selected video and then define that concept. Make sure to draw on Asma’s book for your definition–quoting the definition and providing the page number of where you found the quote. Again, your selected concept must be one of the following: the inhuman, the unmanageable, the unthinkable, or liminality (you’re only required to use one of these concepts but feel free to use more if you like). b*A summary of what you’re analyzing (who are the major characters and what happens in the piece you’ll be discussing?) c*An analysis of your selected piece (For example, does it explore certain cultural fears or anxieties or themes? Or does it draw our attention to something we usually ignore)

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