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Mar 30, 2023

Unit Code & Title :- EYS2120 Work Based Learning Report
Word count:- Report: 2000 words
Appendices:- Around 500 words
Assignment Type :- Assessment
In order to progress from level 5 (year 2) to level 6 (year 3) you are required to pass both the report and placement elements.
Title: A critical evaluation of how the placement experience promotes a sense of belonging for all
The aim of this report is to reflect on practice experiences of diversity and inclusion within your placement experience.
EYS2120 Work Based Learning Report Assessment – UK.

Your tasks whilst on placement :-
To write this report you will need to complete some tasks research whilst on placement.These will give you the information that you need to back up the points that you are making throughout your report. The tasks are as follows:

Task one: Find out about the setting.
Find out about the setting. How many children does it cater for, what ages, number of staff, rooms etc? Where do most of the children come from? What are the demographics of surrounding area? How many children have special educational needs disabilities?

To complete this, you may need to

1. read the latest Ofsted report
2. walk around the local area
3. use information from the Web page and talk to your mentor
4. refer to the local profile

Task two: Complete a personal log of your professional and employ ability skills.

Complete the personal log of your professional skills.

You will have been using this up to now to keep a track of your developing professional and employable skills.On placement you will use these skills further and develop them throughout your time within the setting. You might not get an opportunity to develop in all of the areas, however, if this is the case; write in the relevant section what you believe that you could have done to develop this skill if you had been in the setting for more time. This could form a personal target for your placement in Year three.

The headings are:-
• Communication
• Team working
• Positive work ethics
• Networking
• Organising and action planning
• Problem solving, analysis and investigating
• Leadership
• Self-management and reflective learning
• Opportunity recognition
• Influence, persuading and negotiating

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