F21GA 3D Graphics And Animation, Heriot-Watt University

3D Graphics and Animation

Overview of the Coursework

This coursework is an individual project, and you will be asked to produce, explain and showcase your work using your own code, screenshots and videos. You will need to submit your original solution for this coursework, including models, written code, and markdown explanation files, using GitHub.

The primary learning task of this coursework is to create materials for a TV show intro. The main motivation behind this task is that you will be able to experience creating various models, adding animation and coding interaction to your scene. Also, the different outputs from this coursework could be used as a showcase of your skills when transitioning to industry.

For the coursework, you will need to create a total of three component outputs:

  1. A rendered image of a scene with various modelled objects showcasing the theme of your show.
  2. A video sequence animation of your scene with a fly through camera.
  3. An interactive application of your scene for your show.

By completing this coursework, you will investigate several core concepts in computer graphics theory, use industry-standard tools, develop advanced programming skills in 3D graphics and animation, and have a visual output for your university portfolio to show to future employers.

These tools are available on the Edinburgh (GRID DL) and Dubai lab machines. If you want to develop the coursework on your laptop, you will be required to install some or all of the above software. Please follow the links above for download, installation and usage instructions.

Modern OpenGL is a requirement for the interactive section; therefore, coursework running in other interfaces (e.g., Unity, DirectX, WebGL, or legacy OpenGL) will receive no marks. Please note, you will need to extend the provided code template, and code submitted not using the code template will receive no marks. Finally, screenshots, videos and the code of your work will need to be submitted to GitHub, and you will be required to show your incremental work during the semester.

Please note, markers reserve the right to ask additional questions or request you to demonstrate your outputs after submission. This request can be on campus or as a remote viva session if the marker is in doubt a section of your coursework. No marks will be given for sections if you fail to explain or present your work on request.

Coursework Component Deliverables

The assessed coursework consists of understanding, designing and implementing 3D graphics using different tools and a graphical API. This coursework will allow you to demonstrate the various concepts learned throughout the course. The groundwork necessary to complete the assessment will be possible with lecture materials, lab materials and support from the lab sessions during weeks 2 to 11.

There are three coursework deliverables:

  1. A high-quality offline rendering of your TV show idea. This deliverable is a rendered image of your scene including six different models, plus any necessary lights, materials and scene structure items.
  2. A video sequence animation of your scene. Export your models (and animation if created in Blender) from the modelling tool into Unreal Engine. Replace and fix any pipeline problems (e.g. light sources, textures, positions) and animate a video sequence using the Engine, Blueprints and the Sequencer. Save this animation sequence as a video.
  3. An interactive visualiser. Export your objects from your modelling package into the template graphics API code, and create an interactive animation to show an ‘alive’ scene. You will need to add an exploration camera (moves with keys or has a defined path – not static), simple materials, lights, a framebuffer effect and keystroke interactions to make your scene alive (e.g. add moving objects, loop interactions, changes in lights, wind, etc.).

You are encouraged to design a simple, well-defined intro that is creative, fit the coursework requirements, can be implemented in the allowed time, and demonstrates your work. Campus lab sessions in weeks 3 – 9 can be used for formative assessment of your outputs if you are doubtful of your idea or struggling to scope it.

The submission of the deliverables is using a GitHub repository. You will need to create the correct file and folder structure as described below to show and explain your work. Please use Markdown pages (.md) for explanations, Images and Videos for outputs, and your versioned code.

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