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Sep 06, 2023

F/650/3384 Principles of Computer Programming

Aim: The aim of this unit is to give learners a basic understanding of object-oriented programming languages and how to produce effective code. It also enables learners to gain a perspective of software development and the basic principles of algorithms.

Learning Outcome 1: Understand the principles of computer programming.
Learning Outcome 2. Understand the principles of algorithms.
Learning Outcome 3. Understand the object-oriented programming language.
Learning Outcome 4. Understand the tools and techniques used for software development.
Learning Outcome 5. Be able to create a software programme to solve a problem using object-oriented programming.

Part 1
You are required to write a report to show your understanding about the principles of computer programming.

Your report should:
• Describe the benefits of computer programming in society and in business.
• Describe the principles of computer programming.
• Summarise the historical development of computer programming.
• Explain the fundamental components of a programming language.
• Compare the strengths and limitations of modern computer programming languages.

Part 2
You are required to write a report to show your understanding about the tools and techniques used for software development.

Your report should:
• Explain different types of software development techniques.
• Evaluate the use of different software development tools.
• Evaluate software testing methodologies.
• Describe software deployment techniques.
• Evaluate methods of reviewing system performance.

Task 2

Assignment Brief and Guidance

Create an algorithm that will ask a user to input the length and width of a rectangle and will then calculate the area.

Display your algorithm as a flowchart.

You must include an explanation of the algorithmic techniques and solutions you have used.

Task 3
Part 1

Write a report in which you:
• Explain the benefits of object-oriented design.
• Evaluate when to use object-oriented design methodology.
• Explain how objects are used in object-oriented programming.
• Explain the steps in creating an object-oriented program.
• Explain how to compile a program and debug codes.

Part 2
Discuss with your Tutor and agree on a suitable project for the programming language you have learnt.
Your Tutor may give you specifications of the project or you may develop your own ideas.

You are required to:
• Identify a problem which can be solved using object-oriented programming.
• Create a flowchart to illustrate the problem and solution.
• Create a defined user requirements document.
• Produce a software development plan from a system design.
• Develop and deploy a software solution to solve the problem.
• Evaluate the software against business and user requirements.

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