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Oct 18, 2023

Today`s discussion post will be on the motivating factors leading individuals towards extremism. Extremism can be developed from multitude of factors to include influence by individuals, groups, beliefs, and the context. Each of which are factors that could enable the individual to become racialized. Some of the basic general risks that a person could be radicalized could be derived from a sense of wanting to belong, or a need to prove oneself. Both of which could contribute to becoming radicalized and with persuasion from someone else that has already developed an extremist mindset. Contextual factors could also take play in this, meaning a person`s stressors and finding outlook in a way that one could place blame on someone else. A larger perspective could be the exposure to from narratives or extremist groups that are seeking to gain followers. At first it could start with a belief or idea to gain those followers while slowly manipulating or converting those into carrying out extremist acts.


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