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May 24, 2023

This assessment requires you to craft a focused 10-slide business PowerPoint presentation addressing the economic issue you`ve previously explored. The presentation will center on the feasibility and cost-benefit considerations of implementing a proposed solution for this issue, along with an analysis of risk mitigation strategies.

Start by summarizing the economic problem and its impact on various stakeholders—yourself, colleagues, organization, and the broader community. Adopt a persuasive and engaging tone to build support for your proposed solution. Explain the feasibility and cost-benefit considerations with supporting data and numerical analysis. Address potential risks and present at least three strategies to mitigate these risks, safeguarding the financial security of your organization or healthcare setting.

Describe your proposed solution, emphasizing its benefits for your organization, colleagues, and community. Ensure your solution is culturally sensitive, ethical, and equitable, considering the diverse context of your community and healthcare setting. Avoid any ethical issues or cultural insensitivity and ensure equitable access and cost distribution across all affected groups.

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