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May 24, 2023
For this assessment, you will develop a 10-slide business PowerPoint for the economic issue you have been working with as your topic in the previous assessment. You will then present this PowerPoint using Kaltura and submit the video.
This presentation asks you to examine the feasibility and cost-benefit considerations of implementing a proposed solution for your chosen issue, as well as analyze ways to mitigate risks.
Be sure to address each main point. Review the assessment instructions and scoring guide, including performance-level descriptions for each criterion, to ensure you understand the work you will be asked to complete and how it will be assessed. In addition, note the requirements for document format and length and for supporting evidence.
You may also wish to consult the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations [PPTX] if you need additional guidance as you are assembling your presentation.
Overall, your assessment submission will be assessed on the following criteria:
Summarize the problem and the potential impact the health care economic issue has on you, your colleagues, your organization, and the community at large.
This is an opportunity to tell your story and what the initiative means to you as a health care practitioner. Remember, this is a presentation. So, you want to be engaging and persuasive in order to build support for what you will be proposing to do later in the presentation.
Explain the feasibility and cost-benefit considerations of your health care economic issue, as well as three ways to mitigate risks to the financial security of your organization or health care setting.
Make sure to present at least an overview of the data and numbers you are basing your cost-benefit analysis on.
Touch upon the ways in which potential risks could pose a threat to the financial security of your organization or care setting while you are addressing the ways to mitigate risk.
Support your explanation with evidence-based research or scholarly sources.
Describe the changes or solution that you propose be implemented in order to address the economic issue.
Include the potential benefits of implementation to your organization, your colleagues, or the community at large.
Support your initiative with evidence-based research or scholarly sources.
Explain how your proposed solution is culturally sensitive, ethical, and equitable within the context of the community and health care setting it will be implemented.
Make sure that your changes or solution are not unfairly burdening or disadvantaging any specific groups.
Double check that your changes or solution do not pose any ethical issues and are not culturally insensitive.
Ensure that both access and cost are equitable across all groups in the community that the proposed solution will be affecting.
Convey purpose, in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly communication standards.
If you need more guidance on recording a video with Kaltura, refer to the audio and video information in Using Kaltura.

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