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In today’s rapidly changing and dynamic business environment, companies are becoming competitive through building a brand cheaper, faster, and bigger. It involves generating awareness, social and digital media provide the means of getting new products in front of customers easily and quickly. E-commerce platforms are eagerly anticipating for matching products to customers for distribution and facilitating transactions (swaminathan, 2016). There are reviews engines as well for providing valuable feedback for brands to engage, listen, and iterate in a rapid and responsive product development cycle. There are other factors too that defines the changing brand ambitions and manufacturers adjusting for staying relevant. Companies are building better brand portfolio, leveraging their supply chain and infrastructure for creating efficiencies and then building a market engine on top of that for differentiating the products from competitors (leigh, 2021). The aim of this report is to analyse singapore airlines (sia) branding efforts in terms of building brand equity, brand management across geographical regions, and time and the utilisation of digital tools in a digital era. This report includes comparison of the company with its key competitors as well while making recommendations regarding the way company will be able for undertaking more effective strategic brand management approach.

Branding In A Digital Era

In a digital era, brand success is used for being measured in distribution and revenue with the goal for creating a billion-dollar brand. Companies are targeting consumers through making a digital reach for audience growth; also, the use of social media is revamping the way brands are introducing and interacting with consumers. This ability of connecting their products with the right consumers define digital advertising, involving influencers and social media to ensure success (gielens & steenkamp, 2019). It involves an importance of brand accountability as well to consumers where the power dynamics has been shifted towards consumers while having unlimited options.

About Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines (sia) is the flag carrier airline, having a hub at singapore changi airport and using the singapore girl as its central figure in corporate branding. It is an excellence, iconic asian brand while having a poise and elegant crew that became a hallmark of consistent brand delivery. Across the globe, sia earned recognition for singapore for promoting similar attributes in their products, staff, and services. The country building its brand attribute of reliability where sia is the torchbearer, playing a leadership role in building brand singapore (song, 2021). As a brand, sia is committed towards the consistent enhancement of the three main pillars of its brand promise that includes product leadership, service excellence, and network connectivity. The company ensure achieving the best of both worlds of service excellence and low-cost operations model along with building brand awareness through social media and content marketing. This helps in generating future opportunity for the company while having more capacity in the global market along withstanding out as a premium brand among its competition (steenkamp, 2020). Sia is using ai (artificial intelligence) as well for building its brand and driving sales; for instance, launching new digital campaign while better targeting new customers and focusing on its marketing efforts. Also, it involves creativity in designing key messages to deliver for the banner adverts powered through its technology partner with appropriate frequency and network. The company also ensure optimisation while performing innovatively and creatively along with premium economy offering, sale fares, and food and beverage onboard, generating most clicks.

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