FINA6017 : Case Study Report – Financial Management Assignment

Internal Code : MAS6133 Case Study The current ratio is a liquidity ratio that measures a company’s ability to pay short-term obligations Woolworths Ltd has a proportion of 0.79 in 2016 and 0.83 in 2015. It demonstrates that the organization may experience issues meeting its present commitments. Low values, in any case, don’t demonstrate a critical problem. On the off chance that Woolworths Ltd has great long haul prospects, it might have the capacity to obtain against those prospects to meet current obligations. The quick ratio is a more conservative approach that assesses the ability of only those assets that are highly liquid to meet short-term obligations. Woolworth quick ratio in 2015 was 0.83:1 and in 2016 was 0.79:1which was only marginally lower than the previous 2016.

Questions :

  • Has 2017 been better than 2016 for WOW?
  • Will WOW succeed in the future?
  • The likelihood of a merger or acquisition?
  • Suggest what should WOW be doing help it succeed?
  • The impact of the political competitive environment on the business
  • External factors that need to be taken into consideration
  • Discuss relevant ethical considerations when an organisation becomes insolvent Would you invest in this company?

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