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Sep 25, 2023
  1. Question 1

    A foreign subsidiary’s financial statements are generally prepared in the local currency of the country it operates in. Given the situation that a holding company is Malaysian and has a subsidiary in Indonesia, explain the following:

    • TWO (2) different methods of converting the Indonesian rupiah into Malaysian ringgit
    • The determining indicators in selecting the foreign currency conversion method for the Indonesian subsidiary. Explain any FIVE (5)

    Question 2

    Renjatan Berhad is a palm oil manufacturing company based in Malaysia. It has 2 subsidiaries in Indonesia, an oil palm plantation company and also a palm oil manufacturing company. The oil palm plantation Hasil Bagus Pvt Ltd has been established 6 years ago and has been selling raw palm oil to both Renjatan and other local (Indonesian) manufacturers since its inception. Recently, Renjatan set up another subsidiary which is a palm oil Manufacturing company to cater for the growing demand for manufactured palm oil. This palm oil manufacturing company, Sawit Kualitas Pvt Ltd buys all of its raw materials from Hasil Bagus Pvt Ltd and exports all of its products to the parent company in Malaysia. The technology used by Sawit Kualitas was provided by Renjatan Berhad. Renjatan Berhad also provides the working capital and machinery used by Sawit Kualitas.

    Using the conversion indicators as a guide to support your basis of argument, determine which method of foreign currency should be used to convert the financial results of Sawit Kualitas before consolidating its results with the parent company Renjatan Berhad.

    Question 3

    The following are financial statements for Haneda Berhad and its foreign subsidiary Zala Pvt Ltd in Z country for the year ended 31 December 2021:

    Statements of Profit & Loss for the year ended 31 December 2021

        Haneda (RM’000)   Zala (Z’000)
    Sales   11,000   2,000
    -) Cost of sales


    Opening inventory

    +) Purchases

    -) Closing inventory




















    Gross profit   5,000   1,200
    -) Expenses   (1,200)   (500)
    -) Depreciation   (800)   (300)
    Net profit   3,000   400

    Statements of Financial Position as of 31 December 2021

      Haneda (RM’000) Zala (Z’000)
    Investment in Zala 1,200  
    Property, plant & equipment 4,800 3,000
    Inventory 1,000 100
    Trade receivables 1,800 500
    Bank 600 200
      9,400 3,800
    Ordinary shares   2,000
    Retained profit b/f 3,400 1,000
    Retained profit for the year 3,000 400
    Non-current loan 200
    Trade payables 400 200
    Rates of exchange Zala RM
    1 January X7 3 1
    The average rate for the year 2.5 1
    31 December X7 2 1
    Date closing inventory purchased 2.25 1
    Date opening inventory purchased 3 1
    1 January X4 – date PPE acquired 4 1


    • Calculate goodwill on consolidation. Determine NCI on the acquisition date.
    • Translate Statement of Financial Position of Zala Pvt Ltd
    • Translate Statement of Profit & Loss of Zala Pvt Ltd
    • Determine the exchange difference in the statement of financial position and statement of profit and loss
    • Prepare a consolidated statement of profit and loss for the year ended 31 December 2021
    • Prepare consolidated statement of financial position as of 31 December 2021
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