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Jun 05, 2023
Assignment Description:
Financing Healthcare
Consider how
compensation for healthcare services shape delivery of care, and reflect policy
and policy changes and write a paper that addresses the bullets below. Be sure
to completely address each bullet point. There should be four (4) sections in
your paper; one for each bullet below. Separate each section in your paper with
a clear brief heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are
addressing in that section of your paper. Include a “Conclusion” section that
summarizes all topics. This assignment will be at least 1250 words.
This week you will
reflect upon accountability in healthcare finance to address the following:
Discuss the history of private
health insurance and manage care and how it involved into a healthcare
Identify the key federal laws
that protect individuals who are enrolled in private insurance.
Briefly discuss consumer-driven
healthcare and the empowerment of the healthcare consumer.
Explore the opportunities which
have emerged for nurses within the private insurance market.


Start by reading and following these instructions:
Study the required chapter(s) of
the textbook and any additional recommended resources. Some answers may
require you to do additional research on the Internet or in other
reference sources. Choose your sources carefully (more recent articles
less than 5 years preferred).
Consider the discussion and any
insights you gained from it.
Review the assignment specifications
below to ensure that your response aligns with all assignment
Create your assignment submission
and be sure to cite your sources (please cite any new points), use APA
style as required, and check your spelling.
The following specifications are required for this
Length: 1250-1500 words;
answers must thoroughly address the question in a clear, concise manner
Structure: Include a
title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimal
word amount for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction
and a conclusion.
References: Use the
appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources
utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of two (4) scholarly sources are
required for this assignment.
Format: Save your
assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx).

Consumers of healthcare are expected to pay for goods and services
at the time of service (Nickitas et al., 2019). Today, mostly due to the
Affordable Care Act, private insurers are aimed more at managing populations
than underwriting risks (Nickitas et al., 2019). Nurses are in the
forefront and directly tied to patient outcomes that impact healthcare
reimbursement. This week’s module examines healthcare costs and financing and
how they impact healthcare providers and consumers. The history of how private
health insurance and managed care evolved will be discussed. The impact of
consumer-driven healthcare and the role nurses play in empowering healthcare
consumers will be a primary focus.
Nickitas, D. M., Middaugh, D. J., & Feeg, M. D.
(2019). Policy and
politics for nurses and other health professionals: Advocacy and action. (3rd
ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers
Explain how private health
insurance and manage care involved into a large healthcare industry.
Analyze the cost of care across
hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare providers and how it is
impacted by the Affordable Care Act.
Describe the fundamental
processes of managed care accountability efforts.
Identify the key federal laws
that protect individuals who are enrolled in private insurance.
Articulate consumer-driven
healthcare and empowerment of the healthcare consumer.
Discuss the emerging nursing
practice changes in a market-driven healthcare system.
Learning Materials
Required Resources:
Nickitas, D. M., Middaugh, D. J.,
& Feeg, M. D. (2019). Policy and politics for nurses and other
health professionals: Advocacy and action. (3rd ed.). Jones and
Bartlett Publishers. Read chapters 9 & 10.
Additional Resources:
Bird, K., Reney, M., & Ross,
R. (2015). Funds flow in the
era of healthcare transformation. Healthcare Financial Management, 69(12), 42–47. (2019). What’s the quality
payment program? (Explore the various links found on the Quality Payment Program
website to learn more about the new way healthcare providers are being
paid. Also, you will find resources on evidence-based measures that
encourage improvement in clinical practice and the utilization of advanced
technology that allows providers of care to easily exchange patient
Mulder, J. (2017). The value of “smart
growth” in the era of value-driven care. Health Management Technology, 38(9),
Wright, B., Potter, A. J., &
Nattinger, M. C. (2016). Iowa Wavering on
Medicaid: From Expansion to Modernization. Journal of Health Politics, Policy &
Law, 41(2), 287–300.


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