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May 13, 2023

Find four examples of any of the fallacies discussed in Chapter 3 from everyday sources (newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, the Internet and so on). The only restrictions are that you may not use sources that are intended to discuss or give examples of fallacies. You may also not record the same fallacy twice, use the example for more than one fallacy, or use examples over one year old.


For each of the four examples, identify the type of fallacy it is and explain your identification, clearly showing that you understand the definition of that type of fallacy and that you have applied that type correctly.
For each of the four examples, describe how you think the arguer could fix the argument to respond to the charge that it is fallacious, either by modifying the original argument or supplementing it.
Include a image, web page address or a detailed description of your examples.
The assignment must be submitted as a .docx file. Double spaced with one-inch margins. A title page is required. MLA style must be followed and all quoted or referenced material must be cited appropriately.
Paper must be between 1500 and 2500 words.

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