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May 03, 2023
Once you have your argument set, you need to find at least five sources to support within your
paper. Your sources should come from a variety of places (library database, newspaper, videos,
journals, textbooks, etc.).
For example, for my topic, I would find 5 sources that talk about why it is good for teens to
read, how it helps them, or ways to increase literacy. Sources should be credible and shared in the works cited page.
Once you have your argument and your sources, you will create a clear argument that explains
your stance on the issue and clear reasons why you think your argument is correct.
Attach Paper rough draft of introduction paragraph and working thesis (the final sentence of your introduction) followed by an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 5 sources here.
Create your Works Cited/References Page.
Follow each entry with a paragraph describing how you know the source is credible and why/how it will support your main argument on your chosen ethical issue.

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