Find Out What Current Issues There Are, Research Must Be

Assessment Task Detail and Instructions:

Question 1

There is a company, that regularly does police-based work and stores evidence for these cases. They are being forced to update their policies to conform to new (current) standards. This system must be able to handle different types of evidence (not just static and not just PCs)

Design evidence-based:

  • Processing
  • Tracking
  • Storage system

Using current UK policies and applicable laws. This system will attempt to better the current Corporate/law enforcement systems and suggest better alternatives to current industry issues. This will be displayed using a flow chart to show the logic of the new system and to justify why it is worth using.

A functional requirement of this system is that it can be accessed by staff via a secure login prompt remotely in the building. To find out what current issues there are, research must be performed. How creative can you be to solve this situation?

Question 2
Allegedly, malware has infected a Windows 10 machine of a suspect, who is suspected of holding illegal images and videos.

The defenses “expert” says they are innocent, claiming the PC has lots of viruses on it and it was the cause of this material being on this computer.

How can you prove the suspect did/didn’t do it or if it was malware instead? What artefacts will we need to look at to see user interaction/automated responses? What artefacts will you analyse and what tools would you use to do this? Are there specific environments that could be used? If so, how would this be useful to the investigation?

You must show testing and evidence of how malware would infect a machine and the difference between human and automated interaction via malware.

Question 3
A new Malware has been running riot across all UpToDate versions of windows 10. A string of top-rated anti-viruses has not picked anything up.
As a security professional, how might you:

  • How do you think the rnalware is avoiding the system?
  • Where/how should we look for this malware? Are there stages?
  • How do you think you can safely test your theory? please explain in detail

References, must be in Harvard format, use in-text citations and have a complete reference at the bottom of the document.

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