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Jan 05, 2024

Assignment Question

Find two videos that show how to cook Pasta and compare and contrast those methods.

MOST IMPORTANTLY including the Science behind it. Observations – remember to think like a scientist! Include any physical changes you observed while cooking/viewing a video Observations that you could include: • Appearance of cheese sauce • After mixing your Mac and Cheese, what did you see? • What was the initial texture of ingredients prior to heating? • Observed changes in texture of the cheese sauce while it was heating? • Final texture of Mac and Cheese? • Did you make any errors?

Whatever option you pick, your lab report should contain the following: • The option you picked, and sources of your information. • A brief description of the recipe and procedure. You don’t have to rewrite the whole list of ingredients and procedure, but do include a summary version. • Observations – remember to think like a scientist! Include any physical changes you observed while cooking or viewing a video. • Include 2 -6 pictures of your process or screen grabs from the videos you chose.

Post-Lab Conclusion: For Option 3 – compare and contrast two different ways of cooking Pasta Learning moment: did you learn something new? Share your lab report in The Discussion Forum post associated with this Lab. For full credit, please comment on at least one post from one of your classmates. PART 2 Post Lab Questions ( There are 5 )

Post Lab Questions: 1. What is gluten? 2. In Bread making, what would happen if you did not knead the dough? 3. What is fermentation? How is it critical to the formation of cheese? 4. List at least two factors to a successful fermentation. 5. Describe at least one factor for: a.Judging a cheese’s age b.Judging the meltability of a cheese

PART 3: DISCUSSION BOARD: Comment on the Discussion Board on one or more of your fellow classmate’s Lab Report for full credit.

Extra Credit: Is a Baguette leavened by mechanically-driven chemicals or natural yeast fermentation? Explain how you can tell the difference

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