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Nov 25, 2021

?Prepare business model and plan for a NEW, Australia-based, for-profit entrepreneurial venture which you might set up yourself.


Report format to be used with headings and sub-headings (see below for the suggested structure & headings), 12 Times New Roman font, 1.5 spacing. Prepare your report as a MS Word document, no more than 2,500 words (+/- 10%).

Detailed instructions

Perform relevant analyses, then critically describe and discuss the Business Model Canvas and Plan (and its components) for a brand-new, Australia-based, for-profit entrepreneurial venture that you might set up yourself in the future.

The following structure and detail are suggested (only sections 1-6 below contribute to your word count):

Cover page: Name of your proposed business venture. (Please include your full name, student ID, campus, class day & time, and tutors name)

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to your proposed Australia-based, for-profit entrepreneurial venture. (Explain your idea clearly, so that first time readers can understand. It is expected that you cover at least some important information such as product features/benefits/experiences, who and where the target customers are, what customer needs/wants/problems the venture is trying to address, and what makes the product/service differentiated from current oppositions/competitive offerings on the market).
  2. Industry and market analysis. (Support your analysis and arguments with relevant secondary data, and apply and reflect on relevant theories where possible or relevant).
  3. Product feasibility, Market feasibility and Economic feasibility. (Refer to chapter 3 in the prescribed textbook for the relevant framework).
  4. Business Model Canvas. (Make sure you include a completed Business Model Canvas for your proposed venture at the beginning of this section, and support your analyses and arguments for the below sub-sections with relevant secondary data, and apply or reflect on relevant (entrepreneurship) theories where appropriate).
    4.1. Value Proposition
    4.2. Customer Segments
    4.3. Customer Relationships
    4.4. Channels
    4.5. Key Activities
    4.6. Key Resources
    4.7. Key Partners
    4.8. Cost Structure
    4.9. Revenue Structure

  5. Ethical consideration:(Critically discuss ethical issues that your venture might have to address).
  6. Conclusion
  7. References: (at least 12 references, including no less than 03 academic references, all correctly cited using Harvard or APA referencing style).
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