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May 13, 2023

For this discussion board activity I want you to take some time to think about your romantic relationships. In general, sociology sees the “self” (who you are) as socially constructed. For your discussion board post, you must use sociological concepts and theories from the socialization, identity and self chapter in your main textbook and PowerPoint lectures on Identity and Self and Dating to explain how the self is socially constructed, and how that has influenced romantic relationships in your life. For example, perhaps Mead’s theory on the dual nature of the self could explain why you have such a hard time talking with a potential romantic partner.[If you do not wish to devluge information about your love life, then use theories from readings and lectures to describe how the social construction of self has influenced a friend’s romantic relationships. You may consider writing about non-romantic relationships, alternatively, like family or friends or co-workers.]As with the first Discussion Board Activity, successful responses to people’s misuse of theories or information will be worth 5 extra credit points.

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