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May 13, 2023

For this written assignment, you have been asked to identify the impact of environmental stressors on the body’s nervous system. You must complete your assessment using the information in the case study below.Case StudyLead is a well-studied metal toxicant with no known safe level of exposure. Occupational exposure has long been linked to increased cancer and mortality (Shaffer & Gilbert, 2018). Among heavy metal exposures, lead exposure is one of the most common exposures that can lead to significant neuropsychological and functional decline in humans (Mason et al., 2014).Use the information above to investigate lead poisoning, specifically the neurological impacts on workers from occupational exposure to lead.In the context of the case study provided:Discuss how this hazard can find its way into the human body in the workplace and the environment. You should include the routes of exposure in your discussion (10 marks).Identify and describe the normal function of the nervous system of the body and describe the adverse impacts of the hazard on the nervous system of the body (10 marks).Describe the long-term adverse health effects associated with exposure to this significant hazard. This includes the health impacts on workers, the community and the environment. (5 marks).Use appropriate academic written English, referencing & citing information sources (5 marks).This assessment is to be presented in Report format. Therefore, consider the following headings as a Guide.Executive summary (if using)Cover Page (including your name, student number, unit code etc.)Table of ContentsIntroductionMain Body (include relevant subheadings as you see fit)ConclusionRecommendationsReferencesAppendices

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