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Oct 21, 2021
      • Assessment Assessment Two Solution Plan
        Individual/Group Individual
        Length 2000 words
        Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes: 2. b) Synthesise requirements and recommend a number of tested and verifiable solutions to address limitations to contemporary business problems 3. c) Devise and communicate a strategy which embodies the principles of agile methodology, to address complex business needs across an organisation, while meeting objectives and applications of information technology.
        Weighting 40%
        Total Marks 40 marks


        With your first assessment as a starting point, use the identification of activities, sub-activities and linkages between them to formulate a solution plan for Latureae.

        Using the principles of agile, present a recommended systems blueprint to the Latureae management. If you make recommendations on specific systems, you should refer to external sources on how these have led other firms to significant efficiency improvements in the past. The solution plan should be appropriately justified and illustrate to management what the expected gains of implementing your solution would ideally be.


        Students should use initiative and be sure to conform to the APA referencing style, making use of external sources as appropriate. Be sure to bookend your assignment with an introduction and conclusion as well as a list of references that make considerable use of the Torrens Univer

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