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Apr 05, 2023

Module Code and Title :- Introduction to Management Module leader:
Weighting :- 100%
Assignment No. and type :- Written assignment 1500 words Assessment 100%
Assignment task :- This assignment involves preparing a written report that demonstrates your engagement and learning with a key area of study on the module.
FY001 Introduction To Management Assignment – UK

LO 1 Demonstrate an understanding of the different forms and functions of business
LO 2 Categorise different management functions and how they help in managing a business
LO 3 Explain how marketing relates to business success alongside other functions
LO 4 Describe what human resources can do to manage talent in a business that creates or supports the development of organisational culture

Task requirements :-

Produce a clear and concise report on the management structure in a business using publicly available
materials journals and the recommended core texts, address the following topics:
1) Management structure and business functions
i. outline the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of organisational structure
ii. define business functions and their responsibilities

Assignment Brief :-
2) Management functions and how they manage a business
i. Categorise the different management functions and explain their responsibilities
ii. choose two/three management functions and discuss in detail their relationship and how they help manage the success of the business, e.g., planning, organising

3) Marketing function and its relation to business success
i. discuss how marketing works with other business functions for the success of an organisation

4) Talent Management and Organisational Culture
i. discuss the role of HR in relation to talent management.
ii. define organisational culture and explain how positive culture impacts on the success of an organisation

This assignment does not require you to include a case study on any organisation. You can however in corporate real life examples throughout your report.

How your work will be assessed

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