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Jan 20, 2024

Assignment Task

Illustrate your understanding of different planning theories using examples drawn from contemporary planning documents. Your
analyses of relationships between the theories and the examples must draw on relevant planning theory literature. This assignment is
almost identical to Assignment 1 except the theories examined are different.

  • The four theories you need to address include:
  • Neo-liberalism
  • Pragmatism
  • Advocacy
  • Collaborative and communicative
  • The steps required to complete this assignment are outlined below.

Locate examples

Identify an example of each of the four theories in practice. The examples might be drawn from planning instruments, planning reports, planning documents or other similar sources. If you are unable to find a real-life example, you will need to propose reasons as to why such an example cannot be found.

Insert examples in your assignment

Once you have found an example of a theory, copy the relevant extract from the source and paste it into your assignment.

Note that it is insufficient to provide a reference or link to the source. An actual, illustrative extract must be included in your assignment. This means that any example needs to be succinct and explicit, providing clear evidence of the theory it is intended to illustrate.

Connect each example to the relevant theory

Drawing on relevant literature, provide a brief account of the key characteristics of the theory in question. Note that this will require more than a simple, single statement; you will need to unpack the range of characteristics embodied in the theory. Then proceed to clearly indicate the manner in which the example displays those characteristics. Make sure your example clearly demonstrates all the characteristics and that your explanation describes how the example illustrates each of those characteristics.

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