Give two reasons why the presence of any sulphur in the fuel mix would be undesirable.

(i) the two outlet temperatures (ii) the heat transfer rate.
(b) Another colleague, who is not altogether reliable, has analysed theheat exchanger, referred to in Question 2 (a), using the correctionfactor method and he claims that the correction factor is 0.595. Confirm whether he is correct or not.

Question 2. (a) Dry saturated steam at a temperature of 180ºC is to be produced in a fire tube boiler from the cooling of 50 000 kg h-1 of flue gases from a pressurised combustion process. The gases enter the tubes of the boiler at 1600ºC and leave at 200ºC. The feed water is externally preheated to 180ºC before entering the boiler.
The mean specific heat capacity of the flue gases is 1.15 kJ kg-1 K-1.
The latent heat of vaporisation of the water at 180ºC is 2015 kJ kg-1. Feed water temperature = 180ºC.
Determine the amount of steam produced per hour, if the total heat loss is 10% of the heat available for steam raising.

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