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May 10, 2023

INTRODUCTION to Global business

Global business is the one that consists of different transactions that are devised and also carried out in international boundaries in order to satisfy the objectives of companies, organizations and individuals (Hardi and Buti, 2012). For any business organization, satisfaction remains the key tent for undertaking the global business. This is because; transactions in this form of business might take different forms which might lead to conflicts resulting from different cultures, laws and societies (Bachiller, 2009). REPSOL is an integrated global energy company that has vast sector experience and also carries both up (exploration and production of hydrocarbons) and downstream (refining) activities in the entire world. This report will also undertake the analysis of different current and future strategies of REPSOL that are required for growing in the global market and will also discuss the influence of national government and IMF on the business strategies (Ibrahim, 2008).

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