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May 10, 2023


Global Corporate Strategy refers to the strategies relating to global, multinational and international. The report will focus on studying the various issues related to the oil and gas industry in present era. For the study of report British Petroleum (BP) Public Limited Company has been chosen. BP is a giant in their sector, but due to the present condition in oil and gas industry, companies are facing various challenges (Fisher, 2004). In the first part report will focus on the challenges regarding corporate governance and corporate social responsibility by companies like BP and Shell Petroleum one of the other giant of this industry and BP’s competitor. In second part report will focus on statement which indicates the uncertainty and risk involved in the oil and gas industry after having threat of new entrants. In the last part repot will focus on various management and leadership styles that can be adopted by the chairman of BP in order to improve their future functioning.

TASK 1: Corporate Governance and Competitiveness

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