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Mar 29, 2023

This international field placement unit will be completed during the last semester of the candidature. Eligible students will maintain a weighted average mark of at least 70% in their first 24 core credit points. Selection is a competitive process involving (1) an expression of interest, (2) interview and (3) based on academic performance including maintaining 70% WAM for 24 credit points in second semester. The field placement expects students to use skills they have learnt from GLOH core units and core electives. Depending on the project, a student will be expected to: formulate strategies / methods in the effective implementation of a program; develop and write training manuals, guidelines, proposals, reports or policy briefs; evaluate programs through collaborative work with the international partner institutions / organizations they have been matched. Students are also expected to have underpinning knowledge about global health and ethics prior to departure as well as critically reflect on professional development skills, global health practices, health service/ community engaged inter-professional learning and their experiences throughout the entire semester;; to evaluate their own creative processes, develop effective communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Students will be expected to attend all pre-departure workshops if in Sydney otherwise arrangements will be made to provide information online to distant students. Students should also arrange to meet regularly with their supervisors and placement coordinator and undertake 6- 12 weeks continuous work with an assigned host institution/organization. All assessment requirements are to be met and submitted for this unit. This unit will be offered in Semester 1 only.

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