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The growing civilization and urbanization have led to a cut down in the green cover over the land. It is seen that roughly half of the population today lives in urbanized cities and towns and this percentage is expected to increase in the nearing future (“Building greener cities,” 2016). The growth of urbanization is inversely proportional to the existing green cover. The alarming rate at which the trees are being cut down is a matter of concern given the understanding that trees are extremely important for maintaining the balance within the ecosystem as well as the environment. It is safe to say that the increase in the infrastructure poses as an extremely damaging and serious threat to the landscape and forests. Trees are crucial in promoting and encouraging well-being of the society and in doing so it focuses majorly on controlling air pollution by absorbing the harmful gasses within the environment and at the same time increasing the level of oxygen within the environment at the same time (Turner?Skoff & Cavender, 2019). It also plays a vital role in reducing soil erosion and at the same time maintaining the balance of the environment that includes balanced weather changes or sudden climate changes are controlled by the presence of trees. It also plays an important part in controlling aspects like soil erosion.

The Canadian government having understood the importance of tress have taken up the commitment to plant two billion trees in the nearing future with the hope to create a sustainable environment and sustainable life at the same time (Government of Canada, 2022). The Canadian population relies heavily on the forests for a sustainable ecosystem in general as the forests act as a home to a number of living organism besides being the source of food and shelter. The urban forests   can help in ensuring better health for children both mentally and physically which would improve the grades of the students to a great extent as well. The benefits of tress are also recognized by the UN who are focused at planting more trees as part of their United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations, 2022). The existence of tress within the urban cities can be helpful in creating a sustainable society. This mainly why Shrubscriber has taken up this project with the sponsorship of Mr. Dustin. The aim is to create awareness among people about the importance of trees and how the existence of urban forest and better green cover will create a safer and enriched society.


Shrubscriber is mainly focused at creating awareness among people about the importance of tress and at the same time it also seeks to bring more individuals on board who would like to increase the green cover (Shrubscriber, 2022). The main sponsor to the project is Mr. Dustin who has a wide range of knowledge in plantation and how tress can be increased. He has been associated with a number of projects with respect to tree plantation and creating awareness among people about the same. In the past few months there are a number of projects that the company has undertaken and these projects are mostly conducted with the intension to teach the people about different ways in which ecology can be maintained and trees can be planted. The focus of the project is solely to create awareness and at the same time increase the number of trees that are planted every year at different locations. This is why Mr. Dustin helps in creating a collaboration between different sectors like schools and others where the trees can grow and at the same time create awareness. The sponsorship is not solely based on financial help or just educating the members of the team but it is built on the idea of helping the people in connecting with one another. The main issue that the project was facing was with respect to the connections with the society. The knowledge that is held by the sponsor has helped greatly in creating a connection with a number of people within the community in general (Bajer, 2022). In addition, the sponsor in this case brings to the forefront is his knowledge and experience with respect to plantation and trees.

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