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Oct 21, 2021
  1. Goal: The goal of the Narrated Poster Presentation is to ask research question relevant to health care practice using the PICO format, search the literature for evidence that answers the research question and supports clinical  practice; this work will be presented in a narrated (audio) poster presentation.

    Weighting: 50% of total mark for Course

    Content: You will be creating a narrated research poster. You will be expected to draw on the learning materials covered from Tutorials 1-9. The poster is to be formatted as a narrated PowerPoint. Please review the Narrated Poster Presentation Marking Guide for details.

    What is a Narrated Research Poster?

    Research posters are a common way to present research results to viewers at professional conferences. There are a variety of research posters with differing objectives/purposes. Nurses and allied health professionals are frequently consumers of research outcomes by viewing research posters. The narration is recorded in PowerPoint; the narrator will not read the poster, rather the information in the poster will be used as talking points to describe and summarise the content of the poster.

    Word Count: The total word count should be approximately 800- 1000 words (+/- 10%) excluding end-text references.

    In a poster:

    • Bullet points are acceptable.
    • Use of images (with appropriate attribution) is encouraged.
    • Writing using the first person (eg:  I  or  my ) is not acceptable.
    • Academic writing is required
    • Visual appeal is important

    Assessment Criteria: The poster presentation will be assessed on the following criteria

    • Ability to write a research question
    • Ability to manage information systems to identify and find relevant peer-reviewed literature to explore a health care research question
    • Ability to critically appraise the literature to answer a health care practice question and describe how the evidence supports the practice
    • Oral communication and visual presentation of material in a narrated poster format

    Format:The Poster should be formatted as a narrated PowerPoint slide, according to the instructions provided here. A PowerPoint slide template has been provided, and specific requirements can be found in the Narrated Poster Marking Guide. Students are encouraged to be creative whilst still following the guidelines. 

    Academic Writing Proficiency: You are expected to use academic writing in this assessment task. The use of the first person (I, we) is not permitted.

    Submission: The narrated poster presentation must be submitted through SafeAssign prior to submission through Grade Centre. Please note the SafeAssign submission is not marked.

    Final Submission: Please submit a narrated PowerPoint by the due date. Please ensure your document is properly uploaded or it will not be marked. It is advisable to test the audio quality prior to submissio

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