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Apr 05, 2023

Module Code :- GSMB7320
Title :-  Business Negotiation And Consultancy
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Trimester 1 2022-23,
Individual Assignments: Designing Conducting and Reporting of Consultancy Project
Part A
Design consulting project
Winning a consultancy assignment from a client is one of important aspect of a consultancy business. Effective delivery of your consultancy service heavily depends on in-depth under standing of client requirements. Therefore, designing your consultancy task in an effective manner will lead to meet the client’s expectation. With reference the project proposal submitted now you are required to prepare a comprehensive design for deliver your consultancy service. The design of your consultancy service delivery may vary according to your client’s requirement. Nevertheless you may follow the following general guidelines. (Note: you may use tables graphs or other necessary presentation techniques
GSMB7320 Business Negotiation And Consultancy Assignment

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