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May 20, 2023
Intro: Introduce your topic
– Why is it a problem
– Who does it impact
– Where is it a problem


Body 1:
– Stats and Data about introducion questions
– What solutions have been tried and by whom?

Body 2:
– Your proposed solution and why you think it would be effective?

– Wrap it up, restate main points.

Final Product 2: Taking a Stand
Cognitive Skills: Introduction and Conclusion, Integration of Evidence, Selecting Relevant Sources
Taking Informed Action Question: What issue does our community need to be paying more attention to?
Directions: Drawing on your initial analysis of international, national, and local issues from Final Product 1, you will apply that knowledge about the political climate and take informed action on a current issue. There are three main steps to take action: understand, assess, and act.
To understand, you will explore a specific political issue that has affected the local area. You will begin by brainstorming several topics and conducting preliminary research in order to respond to the question: what political issue is impacting my community and what are the facts surrounding the issue?
Use the Take Informed Action: Understand resource to complete this step.
To assess, you will examine the extent to which that issue has been addressed by your local, state, or federal legislators.
Use the Take Informed Action: Assess resource to complete this step.
To act, you will write an op-ed or letter to the editor of a local newspaper that advocates for action on your topic and include an annotated bibliography that explains the significance of your sources.
Use the guidance in the task card below to complete this step.
Task Card: Taking a Stand Guidelines
ACT: You will be writing an op-ed or a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging public support for an issue affecting your local community. Your op-ed should include each of the following components:
A compelling introduction and conclusion
An accurate and objective representation of evidence
An annotated bibliography of at least four relevant, credible sources
PROMPT: You have explored a variety of issues from the international stage to your local community. Now is your opportunity to elevate an issue you feel strongly about and advocate for action to be taken by one of your representatives in government (e.g. your mayor, state legislators, or your representatives in Congress).
Your op-ed should be aimed at reaching a particular audience with the ultimate goal of your writing to spur action. Think: who are the stakeholders who can bring change on this issue?
Include an engaging opening that presents relevant background information on the issue and establishes why you’re writing the op-ed.
Your body paragraphs need to include the following:
Relevant, objective evidence that demonstrates the nature or the extent of the issue affecting your community. You can use direct quotes, descriptions of data, or an accurate summary of the evidence.
Both the challenges and the opportunities before the public. In other words, what makes this a complex or nuanced issue and what opportunities for action exist?
Pull together your ideas and consider the implications of action and inaction. If we call on the leaders in our communities, our representatives in state government, or our representatives in Washington, D.C., what would the impact be? If we fail to act, what would happen?
Op-eds can vary widely based on the newspaper or medium. Most op-eds range from 400-600 words.


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