Has The Student Identified The Choice Of The Research Paradigm And Given A Theoretical Justification For It: Methodology Dissertation, UCD, Ireland

  1. Has the student identified the choice of the research paradigm and given a theoretical justification for it?
  2. Has the student identified the methodology and approach chosen and justified these selections over other available ones?
  3. To what extent did the student critique differing methods?
  4. Are the research methods and choice of instrument(s) clearly stated? Is clear logic employed? Overall, was the study appropriately designed and executed?
  5. Is the sample size and type stated, defined, and defended?
  6. Has piloting been discussed and have any changes been identified?
  7. Is the data analysis explained and critically situated within the project?
  8. Does the student consider issues relating to ethics and GDPR?
  9. In relation to quantitative methodology, are issues of objectivity, validity, reliability and generalisability discussed? In terms of qualitative research, have issues on trustworthiness been addressed? Are issues to do with reflexivity critically discussed?
  10. Is there a critical introduction and conclusion?
  11. Are sources referenced correctly?

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