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May 02, 2023

Complete the assigned reading for the week, Chapter 13, pp. 253-264 of Human Security Theory & Action by David Andersen-Rodgers


Answer the following questions. Use full sentences, fully explain your responses and give examples from your assigned reading or other
Submit your responses, upload pdf/word or provide a written submission in the provided spaces.

******* This assignment will require you to give more than usual level of analysis and use higher cognitive skills as you complete them.

1. Have evolving efforts to define and pursue human security at the United Nations yielded significant advances? In your response explain and give examples of (a) where these efforts succeeded? And (b), where have they fallen short.
2. With the recognition that Human Security is not currently a mainstream approach among states, how likely is human security to be
prioritized by state security policy makers in the twenty-first century?

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