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Sep 14, 2023

Unit 35 Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations, Higher National Diploma in Business

Assignment - Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Learning Outcome 1: Analyse employee knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals.

Learning Outcome 2: Analyse the factors to be considered when implementing and evaluating inclusive learning and development to drive sustainable business performance.

Learning Outcome 3: Apply knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage.

Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate ways in which performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment.

Assignment Brief:

Task 1
You need to create a development portfolio which shows your ‘own` learning progress and acquisition of key skills. The portfolio should include evidence for the planning and monitoring of progress towards the achievement of personal and professional objectives.

Students are to produce a portfolio containing the following documents:
• Skills and attributes analysis required by HR professionals, based on a range of different roles within an organisation.
• Personal SWOT analysis.
• Personal development plan based on the SWOT analysis for a one of the job roles.
• Reflective statement.

*Please access HN Global for additional resources support and reading for this unit.

Task 2
You are recruited as an external Learning and Development Consultant by a large global organisation [insert here either a given organisation or an organisation of your choice, students should be encouraged to use their workplace for this assignment]. The Director of Human Resources of this organisation requires you to produce an individual report which must address the following question:

‘To what extent does the organisation effectively utilise learning and development to support individuals and teams to help it to operate high-performance working (HPW) in a high-performance culture?`

You are required to demonstrate the use of critical thinking to support a conclusion that justifies your arguments. The report should cover the following:
• An introduction to the organisation.
• An analysis of continuing professional development (CPD) and the requirements for individual and organisational development.
• An evaluation of what HPW is and how HPW contributes to employee engagement and motivation, providing specific examples as evidence.
• Evaluate the different approaches to HPW and make recommendations for improvements.

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