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May 15, 2024

Assignment Task:

Rapid Review Protocol

Organisation and Coherence

The rapid review protocol must exhibit clear structure and presentation. The introduction/background should substantiate the review`s purpose and offer a critical literature summary in support. This logical sequence should be followed through in the main body of the protocol. All key sources must be cited using the Harvard referencing system consistently and accurately.


The content should directly relate to the type of review being conducted and the learning outcomes being evaluated. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding should inform the rationale behind the review and the chosen review methods.

Clarity of Expression

The protocol must be expressed clearly, with articulate and fluent language. Ensure accuracy in spelling and grammar throughout.

Analysis and Synthesis

The review should feature a clear, critical analysis and synthesis of the literature, clinical practice, and review methodology. These elements should be well-integrated and evaluated effectively.

Use of Literature Demonstrating Knowledge and Critical Application

The study should showcase an appropriate use of academic literature and research pertinent to the review`s context and methodology.

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