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May 01, 2023
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    With rising challenges in the external work environment and also taking into account the changing work trends at the workplace, the role of the Human Resources (HR) department is vital for the organization. They will need to undergo the transformation processes and make sure that they are able to fulfill the expectations of both employers and employees in a given working environment (Alexandru, 2019).

    They will need to shift their work strategies from different administrative and payroll functions toward people-oriented and technology-oriented strategies to save time, efforts, and costs. Also, it will allow them to deliver better outcomes in the future. The top-level management of majority of the organizations are looking forward to different success factors and they will need to focus on the role of the HR team in the organization.

    For the purpose of delivering superior quality products and services to the customers, they will need to have well-trained team in the organization. It will be the responsibility of the HR team to guide and provide the required training to the staff in this situation.

    The given report will thereby describe the role of the HR team in the present working scenario. It will also include a discussion about the article published by Harvard Business Review: “People Before Strategy: A New Role for the CHRO”. The report will also include discussion about different HR theories that are functioning around motivation of the staff in a given operational environment.

    It will also compare and contrast certain working models so that it will assist employees to determine the direction of work and later identify on the possible solutions pertaining to the HR problems faced by the organization.

    The top-level management will need to realize on the fact that Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) will act as strategic partners to the organization. They will be providing knowledge regarding changing workforce trends, will provide details about work approaches, and also will suggest new strategies that will assist the organization in achieving desirable outcomes.

    Motivation alone is not the lonely factor that is responsible for managing employees effectively in the organization (Al-Minhas, Nelson, & Fatima, 2020). These employees need to be trained on the aspects of adaptive leadership so that they will be able to handle complex situations in a proper way. Finally, it will be important for the HR team to provide feedbacks to the working staff from time to time so that they can improvise on the performance and will be able to deliver results to the given expectations of the organization.

    Case Study On Future Of HR  

    The given section will be analyzing the case study article published by Harvard Business Review and is authored by Charan, Barton, and Carey. The key aspect of the article focuses on the role of the CHRO within the work environment of the organization and also determines the correlation between the HR management and organizational strategies in a given organization.

    The authors are arguing on the fact that to achieve desired success, the top-level management will need to identify the contribution of the HR officials in the firm (Charan, Barton, & Carey, 2015). These HR officials are now not only acting as recruitment and training managers but are also working as chief architects of the firm. They are recommending working strategies that will boost the morale of the staff, will encourage them to work in the right direction, and also will be solving key problems of the workplace (Arsalan et al., 2020).

    The article clearly states of the Importance Of The Role Of The Chro In the organization. They should thereby be working along with the officials of the top-level management so that they will be able to provide better overview about current market trends and key challenges. Besides, CHRO officials should become strategic partners for the firm, which will result into increased revenues for the organization.

    On the Other Hand The Authors Have Even Identified On The Key Challenges That The Teams And Organization Will Face In The Case Where There Will Be Lack Of Collaboration between the CHRO and the senior management. The HR team is expected to determine strategies that will work in the interest of all stakeholders of the firm (Charan, Barton, & Carey, 2015).

    Secondly, the organization should be provided with certain compliance norms so that they do not breach any code of conduct. Third, the CHRO along with identification of talented professionals should also focus on the aspects of identification of formulas, which will assist the organization to achieve the desired success (Charan, Barton, & Carey, 2015).

    Based on the on-field experience, the authors have recommended to deploy the G3 framework, which will combine the powers of CEO, CFO, and CHRO in corporate decision making (Charan, Barton, & Carey, 2015). The organization will then get benefitted through this approach as all the three entities will be able to utilize their working strengths.

    Since the CHRO officials are having better overview of the problems that the organization could face, they will be able to share knowledge pertaining to designing of talent acquisition strategies and allocation of human resources to different functions in the organization.

    To support this strategic option, researchers have reflected on the fact of internal hiring compared to external hiring. External hiring will allow the organization to have professionals that will be skilled and also will be able to demonstrate desired skill-set. However, internal hiring will allow the organization to reduce the hiring costs and at the same time will encourage the employees already working to remain satisfied through promotions (Charan, Barton, & Carey, 2015).

    The Chief Human Resources Officer need to look out for three activities, which could possibly drive the change in the organization. These include - diagnosing problems, prescribing actions, and predicting outcomes. All these activities will be linking the finance department, marketing teams, and human resources department in the organization.

    Once the problems are identified based on analysis, the HR team will be connecting with the finance department to look out for suitable new professionals or for promoting internal staff members to higher levels.  By correctly matching the internal working divisions with the skill-set of the professionals, the organization will be able to enhance on the performance of the staff and thereby will be able to achieve key results in the organization. The employees thus should be paid, rewarded, and motivated for the value that they are bringing in the organization (Charan, Barton, & Carey, 2015).

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