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May 01, 2023


A walk-in clinic is a place or a medical facility responsible for conducting medical operations on the patients without any appointment or on an urgent basis. A walk-in clinic is also termed an urgent Care centre as it is a place where a quick treatment of the patient is performed (Baughman et al. 2021). The United States of America has the most walk-in clinics, around 9000 centres. The walk-in clinic or the urgent Care centre selected is the Family Medical walk-in clinic located in Springfield, USA. This particular walk-in clinic is best in Missouri State of the USA and has three locations across the state: Springfield, Nixa, and 60 West Republic. The demographics of the consumers who frequently visit and avail the services of this Family Care walk-in centre are primarily from the urban areas (Usher et al. 2021). People with a higher income level prefer these urgent Care centres more than the lower income levels in the area. Also, the people aged from 16 to 35 year old covers the majority population, which frequently visit the walk-in centres from the nearby locations.

The marketing strategies used by the Family Care walk-in centre for bringing in the consumers with the above mentioned demographic conditions are successfully implemented by them. Some of the marketing strategies are to use attractive signage outside the walk-in centre to catch the consumers` attention more efficiently (Salisbury & Munro 2003). Another marketing strategy used is to promote the walk-in Centre staff as an expert who is ready to look after the patients in The Walking centres. Also, the Family Care walk-in centre uses this social media to showcase its inventory. They are procedures to attract the consumers and urge them to visit once in a lifetime experience. The Family Care walk-in centre has also built a highly responsive and attractive website for the patients, giving a virtual tour before visiting the Center. Also, the Family Care walk-in centre maintains a feedback register inside the Center (Kalb et al. 2022). The feedback from the patients is registered daily, and the work is improved to increase its customer base. The Family Care walk-in centre also uses the marketing strategy of doctor referrals for the patients. It provides a cash discount on the treatment bill if the consumer or the patient can give any reference from another doctor in the area. Another powerful marketing strategy that the Family Care walk-in centre uses is sending a text message to all the existing patients for their health checkups and stating the new activities that are being added in the walk-in Center for the patients (Hamidian, Mazloom & Ballard 2020). As all these marketing strategies are related to these particular demographics, the walk-in centres will use different marketing strategies to attract the diverse demographic population. For example, the younger generation who visits the walking centre more frequently uses technology and mobile phones more quickly than the older generation in the area (Berthelot et al. 2021). So, according to this marketing strategy, these Social Media Campaigns and digital promotion will be more effective for the younger age than the older generation in the area.  

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