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Oct 25, 2021

Choose one of the following books and write 2-3 page report on any aspect of the connection to global health (title and reference page not included in page count). Be sure to include at least one reference to support your work (beyond the book itself). The reference can be one that was discussed during the course. Submit under the Course Materials tab in Blackboard.
Katz, J. M. (2013). The big truck that went byHow the world came to save Haiti and left behind a disaster. New York: St. Martin s Griffin. ISBN 978-1-137-27897-5 (paperback) or ISBN 978-1-137-32395-8 (e-book)
Timmerman, K. (2009). Where am I wearing? A global tour to the countries, factories, and people that make our clothes. New Jersey: Wiley. ISBN 978-0-470-37654-6
The books are on reserve in the Howe Library and available for 3 days at a time. There are also e-versions (kindle) available.
Criteria for a pass :
1. Introduction gives reader direction and is addressed throughout the paper.
2. Summary/conclusion is clear and concise.
3. An aspect of the connection to global health was clearly discussed.
4. At least 1 literature source was used.
5. Writing style is fluent with evidence of individuality and clarity.
6. Overall presentation of paper is neat and well organized with few minor errors in syntax, spelling, etc. (i.e. Proper English language usage), follows a chosen referencing style, and includes a title page, reference pages, is double spaced, 11-12 CPI, and 1 inch, non-justified margins.

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