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Apr 05, 2023

Module Code & Title :-  HEST3216 Health And Social Care Management
Assessment Type :- Assignment 1
1. Develop an analytical and critical understanding of key management and organisational issues which influence the delivery of health and social care services.
2.Critically analyse the application of these key issues through exploration of the role of management and managers in UK health and social care.
3. Discuss and apply theory to practice and explore the impact upon health and social care delivery
4.Develop an understanding of the dynamic nature of the mixed economy of welfare
5. Adopt a reflective approach to the use of academic skills in higher education
HEST3216 Health And Social Care Management Assignment 1

PBL Presentation (70%) 30 mins

Choose a relevant topic in HSC

Key issues relating theory/policy and outcome/ implications

Submit Presentation Slides via Turnitin

Group presentations during last 2 weeks

Peer marking – submit onto Turnitin on he day of assessment

Weeks 24 and 25

Choose a contemporary issue within Health and Social Care Examples:

-The mental health crisis

-Overcrowding in A and E

-Frailty in care homes

-Meeting needs associated with the demographic shift

-The needs of the workforce: recruitment and retention

-The needs of less well served groups in society/barriers to access

-Safeguarding in a given context for example –preventing abuse in care homes

HEST3216 Health And Social Care Management Assignment 1

Step two

1.Research the critical issues and challenges for managers and leaders

2.Evaluate the opportunities

3.Select one small change and critically evaluate this using leadership and management theory and change theory and research

4.Summarise and highlight the gaps and make recommendations

Use relevant literature policy reports research and theory- critical evaluation of your sources and weighing up of evidence and use of argument are important.


1.Extension requests


3.If submit late:

4.Within 14 days capped at 40

5.After 14 days marked 0

6.Non-submission = 0

7.Non-attendance = complete deferral – individual powerpoint presentation and 1,000 words discussion paper

8.Need 40% module overall to pass

9.Resits in August

10.Overall module capped at 40

11.Use Turnitin Originality Report

12.Be fair to your group in peer marking

HEST3216 Health And Social Care Management Assignment 1

Support and guidance

a.There are tutorials scheduled within your timetable

b.We can set aside some time to practice presenting

c.Please support each other and if there are any issues let me know.

d.Make use of the rubrics so you can see clearly how you are being assessed and focus on meeting the learning outcomes.

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