Hispanic Families and Domestic Violence in The Day It Happened by Rosario Morales

Hipic families. It’s about domestic violence and a community that knows all about it . This story is sold in the first person point of view by a girl that seems to be the author herself; Rosario Morales, as This story takes place in an apartment building with thin walls somewhere in a city. It starts off callowe narrator rator washing her are. manage bedroom window open and could see Maria who she washing her hair, nosy Maria sucks in air very loudly when she sees Josie leaving the house at 5 o’clock just before her husband Ramon gets home . The only reason that the narrator knew any of this arrators mother about all of this. Some kid named Mikey had been the one to get the cab fo he was telling everyone what was going on. Basically as Josie is le lashbacks of the past 6 months . Basically Josie is leaving because after 6 months of being Ramon who has been an abusive husband Josie can’t stand it anymore and has decide non works and when he gets home he expects a well-cooked meal waiting for him at bok on saturdays they would go out to party and Ramon would get angry at her if many he wasshe looked ugly and wouldn’t satisfy has not to dress up me and would then throw things a loudly so that everyone collar gwen eryone could hear what wa g she has ever seen between a couple because r a while and then work things out and ge he had a bruise on her face. After that s to church. One Saturday Josie told he Ramon was just seen as a psycho by e e in a small v derstand were married f e else goodbye and leaves.

This is a situation that happens in allot of homes but mostly Hipic homes. wins happens in Hipic homes a lot more then in any other homes because mimispam leads the males to believe that they are superior to women and leads to them mistreating women when they don’t get what they want from them . In most situations the beatings go on for years but n one ever does much about it. The women hangout at the abused ones house, so as to not allow a opportunity of abuse to happen again. the men as cho, me aniselin chin Quiza will hit the abused too hard and then as the saying y’ll sometimes beat the crap out of the a beat the crap out of the abuser. The abuser will spend a mont in e man will change after getting talked to by every women in the family and screamed at and pushed around by every guy. many people have seen throughout their lives . This won’t stop happening any time soon . Maybe in about 1000 years this might stop happening, but for now our world is full of too much frustration and annoyance. People will always seek to get rid of their anger and a loved one will usually be the one to take all of the abuse.It’s just a negative part of human nature.

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