HLT54115 : Work With Diverse People – Nursing Assignment

Internal Code : MAS6131 Questions :
1. Take the official Australian citizenship practice test
2. Watch Pauline Hanson’s 1996 video
a. What did you think of Pauline Hanson’s speech?
b. How did it make you feel as an Indigenous Australian or a recent migrant?
c. Do you agree with some of her thoughts? Explain your response briefly
3. Watch Kevin Rudd’s 2008 Apology to the Stolen Generations video
a. What was your personal response to this moment in Australia’s political history?
b. Did you find it an emotional experience?
c. Did you agree or disagree with saying sorry?
d. Did it affect you directly?
4. Poh wanted to be like everyone else in her new country and was “Desperately wanting to assimilate as a child migrant, I shed everything that made me feel different in my new country. “ Poh Ling Yeow, Cook, TV Presenter, Artist, 2011
a. Why do we need to belong?
b. Who do you belong with?
5. “Difference is not an easy thing to accommodate. It’s not simple to embrace and respect and defend cultures that are different to your own. That’s the nature if you like of human relationships. We gotta work and build on it. And it’s by having these sorts of debates, getting people to think about it and talk about it that we’re going to move along.” Mick Dodson, Co-Chair Reconciliation Australia, 1996
a. Who fits in? Who doesn’t? And who gets to decide?
b. Write a reflective paragraph about the above quote
6. “Let us keep before us the noble ideal of a white Australia, a snow-white Australia if you will.Let us be pure and spotless” Reverend James Back Ronald, member of House of Representatives, 1901
a. Describe briefly what was the white Australia policy and when was it abolished?
7. We pride ourselves on our generosity and the diversity of our society. Walking down our city streets we are surrounded by difference.But how do we feel when difference moves in next door? Or sits next to us on the tram or in the classroom? Watch all
4 videos and see if you can see yourself.
a. Have you seen or experienced this kind of scenario before?
b. How would you react?
c. How did it make you feel?

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