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Assignment Task

About the task

This Workplace Observation Assessment requires you to lead a training meeting about workplace health and safety at your workplace.

This assessment contains three tasks:

  1. Prepare For A WHS Training Meeting
  2. Conduct A WHS Training Meeting
  3. Risk Assessment

1. Prepare for a WHS training meeting


For this task, you will be required to plan and prepare for a Workplace Health and Safety training meeting with at least two other people at your organisation.

i. Use the Task 1: Meeting Agenda template included with this assessment to create your agenda. During your training meeting, you must do the following:

  • Organise your information in a logical order
  • Identify the information sources you used in your plan
  • Inform team members of the following:
  • The location of the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • The location of the emergency evacuation procedures
  • Personal protective clothing and equipment – requirements and how to use them
  • Safety requirements for using workplace equipment
  • How to manage hazards at the workplace using the hierarchy of control
  • Availability of workplace learning opportunities to improve WHS knowledge and skills

During your meeting, you are required to:

  • Provide team members with the opportunity to ask questions
  • Demonstrate correct use of PPE
  • Demonstrate safe housekeeping practices (e.g. tidying, following a cleaning checklist etc.)
  • Encourage team members to participate in workplace health and safety activities, including managing hazards and reporting WHS issues
  • Confirm team members’ understanding of the organisation’s workplace health and safety policies, procedures, and programs

2. Conduct a WHS training meeting


For this task, you will be leading a Workplace Health and Safety training meeting with at least two other people at your organisation.


For this task, you will require access to the following. Templates are included with this assessment, but other resources should be available at your organisation.

  • Task 2 Meeting Minutes
  • Task 2 Participant Forms
  • WHS policies, procedures and programs at your organisation

3. Risk Assessment


For this task, you will be monitoring the safety procedures during the day while on placement and then completing a risk assessment based on your findings.

i. Based on the WHS policies and procedures in your workplace, conduct a check of your work area and colleagues. Identify one risk resulting from a policy or procedure that is either not being followed or is not very effective.

If you cannot identify any hazards relating to policies and procedures, you must simulate a hazard, such as “Cords on the floor might cause clients to trip and fall”.

ii. With permission from your Workplace Supervisor, simulate/role-play a workplace emergency that happened as a result of this risk not being controlled appropriately. Follow your workplace policies and procedures for this emergency.

iii. Complete the Task 3 Risk Register template included with this assessment. You need to identify the following:

  • Risk Description: What is the risk you identified?
  • Risk Assessment: Using the included Risk Assessment Matrix, assign a letter or number to each area to determine the level of this risk
  • Control Measures: What do you propose should happen to fix this?
  • Residual Risks: If your control measures were put into place, what risks would still exist? Can you foresee any ongoing problems?

iv. Present the Task 3 Risk Register to your workplace supervisor and seek permission to implement the control measures to control this risk.

If you are not permitted to implement this control measure, this will need to be simulated with your workplace supervisor.

v. Present the Task 3 Observation Checklist to your Workplace Supervisor to complete to verify your completion of these workplace tasks.

In line with your workplace policies and procedures, report to your Workplace Supervisor about the outcome of the risk controls you have implemented or what the outcome of the simulated risk controls would be.

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