HNB2206: Mental Health Treatment Plan

Internal Code: 1IIDF Your task:

 To develop a consumer treatment plan for the next three months for the person described in one of the five case studies listed below. The case studies can be found with the assessment 2 documents in VU collaborate. i) a person diagnosed with an eating disorder, ii) a person diagnosed with a personality disorder, iii) a person diagnosed with a somato form disorder, iv) a person with a dual diagnosis (alcohol and other drug and mental illness), or v) a person with a dual disability (learning or developmental disability) To develop the plan, enter into the template provided below:

1. at least three identified nursing diagnoses,

2. recommendations for interventions to treat the identified problems, including biological, psychological and social approaches,

3. goals identified by the nurse, for the patient work towards,

4. specialised assessment(s) or evaluation tools to use in determining the consumer’s current state and in evaluating the outcomes of the interventions,

5. expected outcomes of the interventions.

Under the treatment plan, provide the rationale for the interventions recommended. This should be justified using evidence-based literature, which is referenced correctly in APA format.

Format The assignment does not have to be in an essay format. However, the rationale and evidence that supports the plan needs to be detailed in paragraph format and referenced accordingly. Your treatment plan must include the following (not included in the word count):

Description of the case – this is provided to you and does not need to be paraphrased Demographic information –age, gender – these can be those provided in the case study, or you can write about a different subject with the same condition, but with different age and/or gender Setting of treatment – inpatient or community

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