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Hilton niagara falls popularly known as fallsview hotel and suites is known as a skyscraper hotel located in ontario, canada. The hotel contains a total of 53 floors with new suites. It has been stated that the hilton fallsview hotel is the tallest building in niagara falls and contains more than 500 rooms. It is the tallest hotel in canada. Hilton is one of the largest brands in terms of hotels and resorts and is popularly known for guest honours and hospitality. The members who are participants of hilton-owned channels are offered discounts and offers and provide various services like free wi-fi, keyless entry, and digital checking through the mobile app for the convenience of customers. The hotel is located at 6361 fallsview boulevard across from the niagara fallsview casino. The hotel was built in the year 2000 and got renovated in the year 2009. ( hilton, 2022).

Discussion : Target Customer Of Hilton Fallsview

Hilton fallsview`s main target customers are upper-class people and premium pricing strategy. The services offered by the hotel are world-class with the best suite experience and proper top-grade hospitality. The main target customers are professionals and tourists including celebrities. Hilton fallsview hotel is located in the perfect spot to watch the elegant spectacular view of niagara falls and attract customers to regarding the ambiance the hotel is provided. The brand has targeted the families and professionals of aged bracket 28-60 years particularly coming to have high-level income and upper-class value and want to enjoy the best-in-class relationship with hilton in terms of hospitality. ( mathur & dewani, 2016).  The hotel has also considered different views the users want to experience and has separate rooms depending upon the view with other customizations and different prices in order to meet the expectations and requirements of the customers.

Positioning Of Hilton Fallsview Hotel

Hilton fallsview hotel is positioned itself in the heart of niagara falls located in ontario, canada. The brand has connected to customers by providing the view of american and canadian falls. The hotel has casinos and other amenities like an entertainment centre and galleria shops and dining for the best user experience. The hotel contains a lot of restaurants and has a pool waterslide, a starbucks café, and falls-view rooms and suites. The hotel has positioned itself for people looking for the perfect spot to enjoy the vacation and special occasions and also for tourists who want to experience nature’s outstanding creation of waterfalls in ontario. (wang, y & chung, 2015). Canada. The hotel is also positioning itself for the convenience of customers in order to travel as the hotel is located fifteen minutes from the butterfly conservatory and the incline railway is also present nearby. The hotel has surpassed the competitor marriot in terms of higher rooms for better views. The hotel has a huge casino in between and has a height of 53 floors for providing an amazing natural view experience of canadian falls. ( czy?ewska, 2019).

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