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Jun 06, 2023

Discussion post
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Initial Post
There are many heated debates among the general public, politicians, and leaders regarding the issues with the quality and financial cost of healthcare in the United States. Your readings for this module stressed how important it is for the nurse to understand the current healthcare reimbursement models and how they impact on patient access to care and resources to manage illness and promote wellness.
Dr. Jonathan Burroughs offers a perspective on understanding healthcare in the United States in the following Ted Talk (16:55 minutes):
Burroughs, J. (2018, June 11). How To Understand U.S. Healthcare? Follow The Money.Links to an external site. This video is closed-captioned.
Clinical variation in healthcare contributes to the third leading cause of death in the United States. For this discussion post, view the video and address these questions:
How can nurses contribute to decreasing variation in their professional practice? Give some examples of how you have seen this accomplished in your healthcare experiences.
Give one example of how you think a standard approach to an aspect of patient care might decrease variation and improve quality.
Describe the barriers that exist for professional nurses to promote standardization of care practices to decrease variability?

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