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May 22, 2023

Please check the attached files for instructions:
Expand on thoughts or ideas
Put the question you are answering then your reflection
Reflections should be 3 to 5 pages
No references, intro, or conclusion needed.
APA: Times New Roman 12 font, title page


(1) What was my previous knowledge about the topics covered in Indigenous health? (1 mark)
• please reflect on knowing very limited knowlede of indigenous health. Past knowledge was in highschool about the culture, traditions, and different approach to medicine. The teachings in highscool did not talk aboout the struggles that they faced.

(2) What are two facts I learned after taking the course? (2 Marks)
• Please reflect about how common homelessness and the high percentage of aboriginal children in foster homes in canada
– please discuss about intergenerational trauma causes the struggles aboriginal people faced in the past due to residential schools

(3) What insights did I gain about myself as a result of taking the course? (2 Marks) (hint: This is about what you learned about yourself not knowledge about the course you learned. That is about question 2.
• Answer the question

(4) a) Provide an example of a time when you took care of an Indigenous patient in your student nurse clinical experience and how did you know they were Indigenous (1 Mark).
• Answer the question.

b) How did this course help me or how could it of helped me take better care of my Indigenous patient in the experience I have describe above? (1 mark).
• By understanding their culture and their past struggles.

(5) How will this course help to shape my nursing care in the future? (3 marks)
• Describe three nursing interventions and how you would implement them.
• Ask yourself I would (intervention) by (nursing action). What does this nursing action look like?

– Relationships between Aboriginal peoples and their care providers should be based on a foundation of mutual respect
– Health professionals should respect traditional medicines and work with Aboriginal healers to seek ways to integrate traditional and western medicine
-Health professionals should work proactively with Aboriginal individuals and communities to address these gaps and barriers

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