How do you keep cool when you have reached your limit?

Hot buttons… We all have them. We all have behaviors that we find particularly irritating. As adults and caregivers it is our job to remain calm, cool, and collected when children are experiences challenging behaviors. What are your hot buttons? How do you keep cool when you have reached your limit? For this first part of the discussion, share your hot buttons and how you keep cool in stressful situations. I have a really challenging time with arguing. When children argue, sometimes I want to immediately jump in and solve their problem for them. In these instances, I take several deep breathes before assisting, or I ask a peer to help.

Self- care is an incredibly important aspect of our work with children. (Especially when we our hot buttons have been pushed) We need to be and feel 100% to do this work. What types of self-care strategies do you engage in? I like long walks, sleeping an extra 10 minutes, and eating healthy foods. I am not good at leaving work at home but I know the importance of finding a work/life balance… For this second part of the discussion, share some self-care tips, and tell us one self-care goal you can set for yourself. Mine is to not bring so much work home with me.

As you can see, this is a two part discussion post… First, you will comment on your hot buttons and how to stay cool. Next, you will share self-care tips that you find most helpful. Working with children is equally rewarding as it is challenging. We must be at the top of our game each day to be the most effective.

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