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May 30, 2023
Do you agree with Berger in his assessment that “We’re bombarded with too much data, too much information, too many images and numbers from everywhere all at once?” How do you think this bombardment has changed since the article was originally published in 1989?
By definition, an ecosystem is “a complex network or interconnected system.” Do you believe this is an appropriate word for how we send and receive information? Why or why not?
Berger points out that “While we may be overloaded, we are also gaining increased control.” In his example, the VCR gave people in the 80s the ability to choose when they would consume a television program. Can you think of ways in which we are also gaining increased control? Are these always positive? Can you think of a way in which more control over media can be a bad thing?


Your responses should be specific and thorough. Initial posts to the discussion should be around 250 words.


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