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May 30, 2023

Reflections on Information Bombardment Over Time

Do you concur with Berger`s assertion that we are inundated with excessive data, information, images, and numbers from myriad sources simultaneously? How do you perceive this bombardment to have evolved since the article`s inception in 1989?

By definition, an ecosystem embodies a intricate network or interconnected system. Do you believe this term accurately characterizes the dissemination and reception of information? Explain your reasoning.

Berger highlights that despite information overload, individuals are attaining augmented control. Drawing from his example of VCRs empowering viewers to dictate their television consumption in the 1980s, can you identify contemporary avenues through which we exert greater control? Are these shifts always advantageous? Can you envision scenarios where heightened media control yields negative consequences?

Craft responses that are comprehensive and specific, with initial contributions to the discussion spanning approximately 250 words.

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