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May 30, 2023

Augustine, Confessions, Book XI,
The City of God, Book XIV, Chapters 3 – 5, 27, 28; Book XIX, Chapters 14, 17, 27, 28. ONly use this as the source MLA format for the writing ciations chicago
How does Augustine, in Book XI of the Confessions, raise and solve the question of time? How does his treatment of time relate to questions about the authority of God? How is this analysis of time, then, potentially related to political rule? How is this treatment of time, particularly in terms of how the problem(s) created by time are posed and solved, similar to Plato’s analysis of the forms and its connection to what he calls just political rule? (250 words, 100 points).


Note 1: You must use the Chicago Style Manual ( ) for your citations on response papers and exams. Any reference or bibliographical pages will NOT be part of the total word count requirements for any assignment.
Note 2: All papers (response papers and all exams) must be submitted to

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