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May 30, 2023
Short Paper #1
You have to author a paper on a topic from motivation. The report must be typed, a minimum of three pages of text, double-spaced, and 12-point. The papers should be written in APA 7th edition style.
How does ethology, a branch of biology concerned with observing animals in their natural environment, contribute to our understanding of human behavior as studied by psychologists? Your paper should be an analysis based on the psychological literature on this topic.
Factual Content (25 points)
How factually accurate is the report? Does is contain falsehoods? Evidence of falsehoods cost you points. How thorough is the report? Have you incorporated a diverse set of content, sources, and perspectives in your report. That is, how rich or full a description have you created?
Analytic Thought (20 points)
What original conclusions have you drawn from the review of the topic and included in your report? Has the report gone beyond the mere recitation of facts to arrive at some novel conclusion. What is your gut understanding of this area? Please highlight within italics if you have done this. No plagiarism please!
Grammatical Competence (10 points)
How grammatically sound is the report. For example, does the subject-verb agree in sentences? Are you using appropriate punctuations? Do you use appropriate paragraphs? NO REPORT SHALL CONTAIN A SINGLE PARAGRAPH SPREAD OVER THREE PAGES. Have you adhered to grammatical requirements like forming complete sentences?
Adherence to the Requirements (10 points)
Your report must be a minimum of three pages, use 12-pt font and use APA 7th edition style format in order to earn full credit for this section.
References (10 points)
Each report shall cite at least two scholarly references that bear on the contents of the report. These should appear at the end of the report. Have you adhered to American Psychological Association standards in preparation of references?

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