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Mar 15, 2023

Most short stories are made to have some special theme and they incorporate different types of literary devices button button has has all this and even a special way to present it by doing it through symbolism. The story provides the reader with a few different types of symbolism.Button, Button by Richard Matheson uses several examples of symbolism through both the characters and even the button itself.
First off, the button portrays the feeling of temptation because right after Mr. Stewart left Margot asked Arthur “What do you think it was?” That hinted at Margot doing something involved with the button later on. Margot herself even said a variation of the word temptation “curios”. Also, all along the story he kept asking that showed that she was interested about the box. Margot asked Arthur, “Aren’t you curious at all?” referring to the box. When Margot asked Arthur that she basically admitted she was curious about the box. Margot would keep asking questions about the box which would further lead to her feelings of temptation building up.

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